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    Embrace AI to Empower
    WeChat Recruitment

    MoSeeker enables HR to master the entire recruitment process with a smarter, more efficient and secure standard process. Request a demo

    Why Choose MoSeeker?

    WeChat Hiring

    Enhance employer brand imagery
    Good candidate experience

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    24/7 prompt reply to
    candidates' questions
    Friendly candidate-interaction

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    Support the interview process
    Liberate HR from heavy

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    Referral Radar

    Precise tracking of employees'
    social network
    Find the right talent

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    Simplified process
    Precise matching talent and job position

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    Talent identification system
    Manage talent relationship
    Engage passive candidates

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    WeChat App

    Improve hiring efficiency
    Help HRs realize one-stop
    recruitment operation

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    MoSeeker’s Top Clients

    MoSeeker serves many Global and China Fortune 500 companies, enabling employees to participate in social referral program in order to engage 80% of passive job candidates, which reduces tedious work for HR and makes recruitment ROI easy to measure.

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    Focus on AI

    Use of AI to identify applicants' intentions; Tailored recommendation to attract talent; Extensive data mining via algorithmic models; Smart technology to make hiring easy

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    Data Security Solutions

    ISO27001 International Certification of Information Security; EU GDPR Certification; Full protection for user data security.

    A Word from Our Clients

    WEI Jia


    MoSeeker's internal referral function and WeChat have both greatly increased internal referral, and have made remarkable progress in recruiting many technicians in third and fourth tier cities. MoSeeker also integrated thyssenkrupp's recruitment system with local recruitment websites, improving efficiency.

    ZHOU Beili


    MoSeeker is a key delivery channel for enrollment at Unilever China, handling hundreds of applications. MoSeeker has also engaged candidates from past school recruitment cycles, transferring them from the historical school recruitment pipeline into the social recruitment pipeline.

    FANG Ying


    MoSeeker effectively used AI technology to help Mars China complete hundreds of successful social recruitments in 2018, saving recruitment costs by more than one million RMB.

    Client Story

    Unlock AI Recruitment Solutions

    Let MoSeeker help you make recruitment smarter.

    Request a demo

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